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The causes for the damaged filling between the tiles could range from a lack of expansion joints to poor quality grout mix, to movement of the tiled surface. If the damage is concentrated in the floor walkways, the likely reason is floor movement or deflection.

At Fix Leaking Showers our expert technicians specialise in everything from restoring leaking showers to cleaning and repairing tiles and replacing grout and silicone seals. We offer Sydney wide tile regrouting with our professional regrout service.

Damaged grout in a tiled floor or wall can be a real letdown, especially if the property doesn’t need a major renovation.

Grout lines in tiling often become discoloured and sometimes the material can crack or fall out. Luckily, Fix Leaking Showers provides grout repairing and replacement services to handle the cracked and discoloured filling.

Our skilled professionals will find the most inexpensive and fast way to fix the problem leaving your tiled floors and walls in an impeccable condition. Therefore, for any tile regrouting and leaking shower repair Sydney, please call us!

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